Code of conduct

The Warrandyte Festival Committee is committed to facilitating a Festival that is safe for all parties and free from harassment.

The Code of Conduct outlines acceptable behaviour and defines unacceptable practices that will not be tolerated under any circumstances.

This Code of Conduct applies to all committee members, stall holders, performers and official participants.

Breaches of the Code of Conduct are grounds for immediate dismissal from trading, performing or participating in the Festival.

The Festival is organised by volunteers. The Committee does their best and appreciate your respect.


  1. Under no circumstances will abuse/ act of violence/ threats of violence/ aggressive behaviour be tolerated by any parties.
  2. Any such person/s acting in this manner will be approached by the Festival Committee and appropriate action will be taken if deemed necessary. This action may result in the party being asked to leave the site or being removed from the site either by Security or the Police.
  3. Harassment may include but is not limited to:
  4. Bullying of any nature
  5. Verbal or physical abuse
  6. Sexism and sexual harassment – unwanted or uninvited sexual behaviour
  7. Racism and racist behaviour
  8. Offensive, insulting or derogatory language including shouting or yelling
  9. Acting in a discriminatory manner
  10. Offensive, insulting or inappropriate communications (including emails, social media, correspondence etc)
  11. Unwarranted, unjustified or unsubstantiated criticism or comments
  12. Intimidating behaviour
  13. Victimisation


  1. Committee members, stall holders, performers and official participants are required to:
  2. Exhibit a positive and friendly approach at all times, ensuring that festival attendees have an enjoyable and memorable experience
  3. Take steps to resolve any untoward situation safely and quickly
  4. Respect and assist each other, and all people you come in contact with, to the best of your ability
  5. Understand that the decisions made by the Committee are final (for example, placement of stalls)
  6. Agree to trade during specific opening times throughout the Festival (to be advised on acceptance) and cease trading immediately at the agreed time
  7. Ensure staff / volunteers are not under the effects of drugs or alcohol before or while on duty
  8. Accept and abide by all requests from the Festival Committee and/or Security staff with regards to noise and behaviour
  9. If you do not comply
  10. Police will be called if necessary
  11. You will be asked to cease operating immediately
  12. You may be asked to leave the site.  Please note, you may not be able to remove your vehicle until the designated bump out time for your area, unless otherwise authorised
  13. The Festival Committee will complete an incident report and will keep this report on file for five years
  14. You will not be invited back to future Warrandyte Festivals


If you have a grievance or wish to make an appeal, please speak to the President of the Warrandyte Festival Committee or email contact @

  • – last updated 22 Oct 2017