Location:           Lower Riverbank, below the Community Church.

Date:                 Sunday 19 March 2023
Hours:               1:00pm – 3:00pm

Dodge Ball Rules:

    • Organise players into two equal teams of six.
    • Each match will be 5 minutes.
    • Winners of each game will play again to the finals
    • Groups: (Prep – Grade 2) (Grade 3-5) (Grade 6-8) (Yr 9-12). (18+ and under 5yrs cannot participate).
    • Players begin game standing on the back line of the pitch.
    • Place 5 balls along the central line and start the game with the referee blowing the whistle.
    • At blow of whistle, players sprint forward and try to take possession of ONE of the balls.
    • Throw ball to hit the opposition below the shoulders.
    • Once you are hit by the ball, you are out.
    • If you catch the ball, the throwing player is out.
    • Players must always remain on the pitch but may leave the pitch to retrieve a ball. You are not allowed to throw the ball until you are within the pitch.
    • If a ball bounces before hitting a player below shoulder height, they are not out.
    • No player can hold the ball longer than 7 seconds.
  • Players must only hit below the shoulders
  • If you hit above the shoulders you must leave the pitch and you are disqualified. Your team cannot replace you with another member.

Complete Team Application Form Here First

All members of the teams parents need to Complete Waiver form here

Warrandyte Festival Dodgeball Waiver

Players participate at their own risk.

    • The Warrandyte Festival Committee Inc. i.e. ‘the Committee’ bears no responsibility for any injury, death, disability, property damage or any psychological injury to the participants of the events in the Festival.
    • The Committee advises all Festival attendees / participants that they and any of their legal wards under the age of eighteen (18) will not have any rights to pursue any civil or criminal damages against the Committee.
    • The Committee requests that it be made aware of any situations or incidents during the event. An incident log is available to all attendees and participants.
    • The Committee advises that the Festival Dodgeball is an alcohol free zone at all times; the consumption of alcohol and drugs is not permitted.
    • The Committee requests that Festival attendees / participants visit for contact details in case of any queries.
    • Participants/guardians will be required to acknowledge they have read the waiver and understood, and that they are waiving their rights of recovery against ‘the Committee’.