Street Parade 2023

The Festival will be held on 17th, 18th and 19th of March

Theme: Show Us Your Colors

The Festival Committee aims to offer festival-goers a wide variety of experiences. Activities, music, food stalls, art and craft market stalls and static stalls operate throughout the weekend.

Applications are now open

Applications are now open for the Warrandyte Festival Street Parade

Participation in the Street Parade is open to community groups, local organisations, schools, kindergartens, musical groups, performers and local businesses of Warrandyte and neighbouring areas (and other groups by invitation). Guidelines for participation apply.

Each application is subject to review by the Warrandyte Festival Committee and will be accepted or declined dependent upon the applicant meeting the criteria. There is no guarantee that parade participants will be invited back on an annual basis.

Key dates

Please complete the online application form by 1st March 2023

You will receive confirmation via email shortly afterwards. If successful, you will be required to submit further documentation. You will be advised of your parade number and marshalling details that apply to you.

Once accepted, if you do not wish to attend, we would appreciate you letting us know immediately.

Street Parade times

Saturday 18th of March

  • Marshal: 10.15am
  • Parade start time: 11.00am start at the Warrandyte Community Centre
  • Approximate finish time: 12.00pm at Stiggants Reserve


Start: Community Centre, 168 Yarra Street, Warrandyte

Finish: Stiggants Reserve, Corner Stiggant and Yarra Streets, Warrandyte


Marshalling guidelines.

Guidelines for participation

Please read the Guidelines for Participation before applying.

Parade categories and judging

A perpetual trophy is awarded annually for the entry judged to be best overall.

Awards will be presented in the following categories:

  • Most Magical,
  • Most Creative,
  • Most Environmental,
  • Most Colurful

Parade judges will be looking for creative ideas that are in keeping with the theme. This could include partnerships between organisations and the use of local materials and recycled and environmentally-friendly materials.

Working towards a waste-free event

The Warrandyte Festival Committee continues to work towards a waste-free event. Stallholders and participants are required to provide services and materials in line with the Warrandyte Festival Committee’s waste management and recycling guidelines.

Compliance to the following guidelines is essential:

  • Do not drop rubbish from your float or distribute items to the public that may later become rubbish (ie lolly wrappers)
  • Avoid unnecessary packaging and/or promotional materials
  • Under no circumstances is polystyrene or glass to be used
  • Any boxes/cartons/and any large paper containers that you bring to the Festival are not to be put into the small recycle bins. The Festival provides a large trailer container for these items. The trailer is located at the lower river reserve car park near the permanent brick toilet block
  • We have a no balloon policy

Fire safety

On days of total fire ban it is your responsibility to acquire a permit from the CFA headquarters if you are to use an open flame or fuel. The CFA will advise you on what can or can’t be used.

In case of extreme weather or fire conditions and on advice from the CFA and Police, the Warrandyte Festival Committee reserves the right to cancel or postpone the Festival.


Please note that parking permits are not available to Street Parade participants.

Normal street parking is available in nearby streets. Please abide by all parking regulations.

Risk management and insurance

You are required to:

  • Read and abide by the Warrandyte Festival Risk Management Guidelines
  • Provide your own Public Liability Insurance. Copies of your Public Liability Insurance documents must be provided with your online application. It is your responsibility to ensure that your coverage is appropriate and adequate.

Complete the form

Complete the Expression of interest form


Please email our Street Parade Coordinators at parade @ with any enquiries.