The Warrandyte Festival is a grass roots celebration of living in and loving Warrandyte. In March each year, the Festival welcomes thousands of locals, families and participants to experience the unique surroundings and village atmosphere.

The Warrandyte Festival Billy Cart Derby is proudly sponsored by:

    • Bicycle Superstore Nunawading
    • Warrandyte RSL
    • The Sassafras Sweet Co.
    • Warrandyte Police and CFA
    • Carter Art


  • Location:        Police Street, Warrandyte
  • Date:              Sunday 19 March 2023
  • Registration Check-in: 9.00am – 9.30am
    Races: 9.30am – 12.00pm
  • Cost:               $10 per entrant

Must be paid and Registrations Forms completed before the driver and the cart are allowed to participate. details below.

  • Great prizes awarded to the winners plus ‘best cart’ and ‘best try’ on the day
  • A race for parents/guardians will be in held the middle of the finals, with prizes for winners.


    • Participants/drivers must be between 8 years and 15 years, 11 months and 30 days old on the day, or a parent of an entrant
    • All Carts must be checked by officials prior to racing. An official may refuse to allow the cart to participate in the Billy Cart Derby. A decision to refuse to allow a cart to participate is final
    • Wheel size must not exceed 16”
    • Billy Carts must be a home-made design, no Go-Kart frames
    • Full length Protective clothing, full face helmet and gloves must be worn
    • No open footwear
    • Drivers must be in a sitting position, no head first
    • All Carts must have a minimum TWO working brakes
    • No rope or foot steering will be allowed
    • Billy Carts to have no sharp protrusions either inside or out
    • Billy Carts to have no unsecured ballast carried
    • You may have two drivers registered to participate separately in one cart, but only one will be allowed to compete in the finals

We know that you know that Billy Cart racing is ‘out there’ and that coming unstuck can hurt!  You get to enjoy the thrills… and take the risk of losing some skin!

If officials think that your cart is not suitable, they will not accept your entry.

Your participation is at the sole discretion of the organiser whose decision is final. No appeals folks!

  • Drivers participate at their own risk.
  • While an official can refuse to allow a Cart to participate, this power does not mean that the Warrandyte Festival Committee warrants that a Cart that does participate is designed and built appropriately for competing in the Derby.
  • The Committee does not assume any duty towards a participant to ensure that Carts are designed and built appropriately.

General Waiver

  1. The Warrandyte Festival Committee Inc. i.e. ‘the Committee’ bears no responsibility for any injury, death, disability, property damage or any psychological injury to the participants of the events in the Festival.
  2. The Committee advises all Festival attendees / participants that they and any of their legal wards under the age of eighteen (18) will not have any rights to pursue any civil or criminal damages against the Committee.
  3. The Committee requests that it be made aware of any situations or incidents during the event. An incident log is available to all attendees and participants.
  4. The Committee advises that the Billy Cart Derby is an alcohol free zone at all times; the consumption of alcohol and drugs is not permitted.
  5. The Committee requests that Festival attendees / participants visit for contact details in case of any queries.
  6. Participants/guardians will be required to acknowledge they have read the waiver and understood, and that they are waiving their rights of recovery against ‘the Committee’.

Complete the Registration Form here 

Download registration form and bring signed to event

Click here to complete the $10 entry payment

Payment can be made at the Information Tent by cash or card