Guidelines for participation


The aim of the Warrandyte Community Festival is to provide a range of festive activities which reflect the values of the Warrandyte Community.


To ensure that the market stalls, food stalls, static displays, active displays, street parade, entertainment, sporting activities and other events fall within the following guidelines.

The Festival will:

  1. Be in harmony with the environment and the community
  2. Be conducive to the relaxed village atmosphere
  3. Utilise the unique setting
  4. Encourage the participation of local and community groups
  5. Avoid blatant advertising / commercialism
  6. Be appropriate to the specific event or activity
  7. Encourage sustainability through reducing waste and minimising resource use
  8. Embrace the wonder of childhood by providing experiences that are creative, imaginative, fun and age-appropriate, with minimal commercialism
  9. The Warrandyte Festival is a smoke free event

(Guidelines as recommended and accepted at the meeting of the Warrandyte Festival Committee, held 16/10/2005. Updated and amended 26/09/2007, reaffirmed 30/07/2013, updated 02/05/14).