This page provides information about the festival and its environment, and aims to assist people with disabilities and older persons in planning their visit and enjoying the event.

The map of the festival site shows the location of relevant on-site facilities and features. Grid references are provided where appropriate.

Festival Map

On-site features and facilities:

    • Call 0493506419 for assistance accessing the site
    • Reserved accessible parking
    • Drop-off zones
    • Accessible unisex toilets
    • A sheltered viewing area
    • A wheelchair recharge facility (i.e., a 240-volt power point)
    • A volunteer staffed Information Marquee.

The site

The annual Warrandyte Festival takes place on the banks of the Yarra, adjacent to the Warrandyte township, between Yarra Street and the Yarra River, in and around Stiggants Reserve. The festival precinct includes two distinct activity areas: the Lower Riverbank and the Upper Reserve.

The Lower Riverbank

The Lower Riverbank runs parallel with the Yarra River. A firm, level, clay-based path provides access to events and attractions in this area. This path is generally suitable for people using mobility aids, including wheelchairs and walking frames. It extends about 300 metres, past food stalls, exhibits, a sound stage and events.

The Upper Reserve

The Upper Reserve slopes down towards the river and has natural vegetation (mainly tufted grass) on an occasionally pebbly base. The upper part of this section has a gentle cross slope and, with care, is navigable.

The area near and below the main stage is relatively steep. This lower part of the Upper Reserve, therefore, is challenging for people using wheeled mobility aids, people with mobility restrictions or people who are blind or have low vision.

An accessible toilet, a sheltered viewing area and Warrandyte Festival Information Marquee are situated in the Upper Reserve.

Access Points

For those travelling by car, the Upper Reserve is best accessed via the drop-off zones (Q13 and I16), or the upper Stiggant Street short term carpark (J16). Both the drop-off zones and the car park are on natural ground reserved for the purpose. Pedestrian access is best off Yarra Street, via the corner gateway (L17) or either of the drop-off zones.

To reach the Lower Riverbank by car, go to one of the three lower carparks (D11, P7, T3). The first two referenced offer marked bays on a level bitumen surface, while the third (Police Street) is on firm natural ground.

Pedestrian access to the Lower Riverbank is best via Police Street or Stiggant Street (all weather surface on slightly sloping ground). These may be congested at times.

The Community Church driveway (S12) provides excellent access to the Lower Riverbank area. People using wheelchairs or mobility aids may find it steep in the driveway section immediately next to the church building.

While it is possible to access the Upper Reserve from the Community Church driveway, there are some uneven (if relatively level) natural surfaces between the driveway and the access path (S10 – P13). Note that some of this area is used for stallholder parking.

NOTE – Permits and congestion

During most of the festival the intersection of Yarra and Stiggant streets will be closed to general traffic and controlled by event volunteers.

Taxis and vehicles with parking permits for use by people with disabilities will be allowed to enter Stiggant Street, which provides access to the two car parking areas mentioned.

NOTE – Yarra Street drop off zone

The entrance is not immediately obvious, and the driveway is narrow and steep. The driveway is looped, so it has an IN and an OUT gateway. Once within this car park you are virtually at the top of the Upper Reserve section of Stiggants Reserve. The terrain has a moderate slope on natural ground. No accessible car parking is available in this area.

NOTE – Yarra Street closure

Yarra Street between the Kangaroo Ground Road bridge roundabout and Harris Gully Road will be closed to traffic on Saturday 18 March 2023 from 10.30am until approximately 12.00pm.


There are two accessible, unisex toilets available in the precinct – one adjacent to each of the activity areas (J15, D11). The former is a temporary unisex toilet next to some temporary accessible parking spaces, while the latter is integrated into the permanent toilet block adjacent to the lower Stiggant Street car park. There are other accessible toilets in the vicinity and the volunteers at the Information Marquee can direct you to the nearest one.

Viewing Area

The temporary viewing area has several functions. From it you can enjoy the festival with some (limited) protection from the weather.

If you need support on the day, check first at the sheltered viewing area, then at the Festival Information Marquee.

First Aid

Trained personnel from Colmed Group are in attendance throughout the event.


Recharge facilities are available on site. Enquire at the Information Marquee.

Help us help you

The organisers of the festival, in conjunction with Manningham City Council and Nillumbik Shire Council, have worked to improve the accessibility of the festival site for older persons and people with disabilities.

It is acknowledged that there are access challenges at this reserve, particularly due to the slope across the site and the uneven ground surfaces. However, the organisers are determined to improve the accessibility of the festival for people of all ages and abilities.

You can help them make it better each year by providing your feedback to or use the feedback sheet obtainable from the Information Marquee at the event.

We hope you enjoy the Warrandyte Festival.